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May 2024 update: We are currently onboarding new clients for Tax Year 2024 services, and we are still onboarding clients with Tax Year 2023 returns that need to be filed by the fall extension deadlines. Submit our Quick Questionnaire (linked below) to start the conversation with our onboarding specialist.

If you're new to The Business Guides, we're a CPA firm that works only with small business owners, primarily S-Corporation owners -- or S-Corp curious business owners -- that are based in and do most of their business in Washington State. Our team specializes in small business income taxes, so our clients get up-to-date expertise and guidance.

For those transitioning to the S-Corp taxing status, we offer wrap-around support for your first year as an S-Corp, including filing your S-election form with the IRS and a 1:1 consultation to understand how the tax-saving benefits apply to your situation.

Interested in working with us? The first step is to complete our Quick Questionnaire, which is linked further down on this page, next to the photo of the laptop. But we want you to understand a few things first, so read on...

Got a business? Great, read on. 

Your business might involve just you, or multiple shareholders and dozens of employees. You might be an owner-employee of an S-Corporation, a partner in a Partnership, or a sole proprietor filing a Schedule C who is focused on growth and profitability. The majority of our clients have S-Corporations -- we feel that is where we can provide the most value.

Our team of financial professionals takes a proactive approach to guiding business owners year-round. Yes, we prepare and file your federal taxes -- syncing the returns of the business and the business owner(s) for maximum tax efficiency -- and we also offer tax planning, suggesting final payroll and withholding amounts, and enabling you to make tax-efficient decisions on retirement plan contributions and big purchases before the calendar year is over.

At our highest level of service, we offer quarterly meetings with our team. How would it feel to have expert eyes on your year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement and advice on when to make capital investments, hire your first employee, or start a retirement plan? We build a relationship with you over time, really getting to know you and your business and your goals and dreams.

> Non-clients. Sorry, we do not have the capacity to provide one-off consultations for business owners who are not our clients.
> Owners of C-Corporations.
> Owners of multi-state corporations.
> Those whose sole business activity is rental real estate.
> Those who have self-directed IRAs or 401ks, which hold real estate, private loans, precious metals, etc., instead of mutual funds/stocks/bonds.
> Married couples who file separately on a regular or ongoing basis.
> New entrepreneurs just thinking about starting a small business. If your business idea is in the dreaming or planning stages, check out the resources in our section below on Just launching. Then circle back to us when you have business activity.

Includes tax return preparation & end-of-year tax planning consultation, IRS audit protection & IRS correspondence services for this year's returns, and up to 60 minutes of 1:1 time with our team each year via email exchanges, phone calls or meetings. Let's get The Business Guides on your team!
• Schedule C business & the owner's personal return: $1,250 or $105/mo.
• S-Corp or Partnership return & one owner's personal return: $2,425 or $202/mo.

At least one of the business owners must be an individual client. Annual contracts include IRS correspondence services and audit protection and our signature "No Worries" customer service for your questions, anytime. We take federal taxes off your plate and are on your business team!

Prices are higher for state returns, additional schedules, foreign account reporting, complex investment sales, K-1 preparation for non-client owners, etc. We review your most recent tax return in preparing our pricing proposal.

Our basic tax service package includes:
Federal (and state, if applicable) income tax returns for owner(s) and business.
Tax return delivery meeting to explain your return before you sign.
Tax Planning Review, with delivery meeting to discuss recommendations in your Tax Plan Report (optional but recommended for S-Corp owners).
IRS correspondence services and audit protection (it's like insurance for communications with the IRS: we respond on your behalf).
Ongoing and year-round access to the tax, accounting, and business strategy advice you need.

The Business Guides' modern, paperless experience includes:
Cloud-based client portal for secure file transfer and storage of your data and tax returns.
Secure and convenient e-filing and DocuSign.
Online payment portal, accepting credit cards and bank transfers.
Client e-newsletter with timely information.
Educational conference calls, webinars, virtual office hours, and events with our team.

May 2024 update: We are currently onboarding new clients for Tax Year 2024 services, and we are still onboarding clients with Tax Year 2023 returns that need to be filed by the fall extension deadlines. Submit our Quick Questionnaire (linked below) to start the conversation with our onboarding specialist.

To get you filed on time, our internal deadlines for receiving your complete tax data are:
February 15th for S-Corps & Partnerships (for filing deadline of March 15th)
March 18th for Schedule C businesses (for filing deadline of April 15th)

• August 15th for S-Corps & Partnerships (for extension filing deadline of September 16th)
• September 15th for Schedule C businesses (for extension filing deadline of October 15th)

Through March 15th, we prioritize tax preparation for S-Corps and Partnerships and their owners. Schedule C business owners that submit complete data by March 18th are filed between March 18th and April 15th. We file all other returns by the extension deadlines. (See our Due Dates page for more info and any year-specific changes to the above filing dates.)


Take the first step and get your questions answered: 

Business owner filling out questionnaire on computerWe're happy to have a complimentary consultation to discuss your current and future tax and financial needs as a business owner, and see if working together is a fit.

To inquire about a consultation, first tell us a bit about your business with our Quick Questionnaire.



New clients of The Business Guides are generally at this stage of their business:

•  You've outgrown your current tax preparer's expertise and are seeking more proactive advisors.

•  You're ready to hire professionals to take key tasks off your plate, knowing your time is better spent on your business.

•  You're making good money and want to be more profitable and more tax-efficient (perhaps you're considering S-Corp taxing status). Or you're at the start of your business journey with a proven product or concept, and willing to invest in business and tax advice to get you there.

•  You've prioritized your business bookkeeping, hiring a freelance or staff bookkeeper, or educating yourself on this critical task. You use accounting software (QuickBooks is most common in our practice, and we love the collaborative potential of QuickBooks Online) and run reports to monitor your business performance. *

* Good books are a prerequisite for working with The Business Guides. Need a bookkeeper? Call us for our list of referrals.


If you're just launching your business...start here.

If you're at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, with basic questions on how to set up your business, get grounded with these start-up resources.

•  Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (CIE)

Serves Jefferson, Clallam, Skagit, Island, and North Snohomish counties. Provides 1-on-1 advising and other support to help you start a business and get it ready to grow. Many free services, including the 4-week, live Start Simple Course to help you quickly “kick the tires” on your business idea.

•  Economic Development Council (EDC) Team Jefferson

For Jefferson County businesses. Get relocation assistance. Access free business counseling through the Small Business Development Center, or get hooked up with a business mentor through SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). Take their popular 10-week business planning course. Check out their step-by-step guide to starting a business in Jefferson County.


Before applying for your business license, review their "Road Map" for opening a business in the state of Washington. Their Small Business Guide covers all the bases for planning, opening, running and closing your business. If you have a question, it's probably answered here, in their easy-to-navigate website.

•  Start Up Washington

A compilation of resources, programs and services for starting (or growing) a business in Washington State. Provided by our Department of Commerce. Their Business Startup Playbook is filled with links and the steps required to start and operate a business in the state, in a fun, easy-to-read, football-themed format.

•  Business Impact NW

Headquartered in Seattle and serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska, with an emphasis on traditionally underserved populations – entrepreneurial low/moderate income earners, women, people of color, veterans, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community. Runs the Washington Women's Business Center (WBC) and the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC). Access to coaching, classes and capital for small businesses, with lots of free resources.

•  U.S. Small Business Administration

This federal agency has national and local offices and is tasked with administering federal loans and grants. Check out their comprehensive review of business structures in choosing yours. There are dozens of free, on-demand courses in their Learning Center.