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About Our Firm

Wish you could get more small business financial guidance from your CPA?

How often do you have questions about your small business finances, and wish you had the ear of a trusted financial advisor to guide you through?

It might be questions about minimizing your tax liabilities, preparing your business for sale, or how to make sure your business plans sync with your personal life plan.

The Business Guides was founded in 1991 to meet the unique needs of small businesses. Charley Kanieski, firm President was a young CPA and owned a retail hardware store in Cleveland, Ohio. He was frustrated that he could not find a CPA to help him navigate the complexities of business ownership.

What if you could get your small business financial needs met with one firm?

At The Business Guides, we have a whole new approach to guiding business owners to financial freedom. Our team only works with small businesses. We’re CPAs and financial professionals who take a proactive approach all year, and through the life of your business.

Saving our clients money, streamlining their financial systems, building the value of their business, and helping them successfully retire is The Business Guides’ sole focus.

Our Unique Services:

  • We plan for and estimate taxes before year end. No surprises, more opportunities.
  • We are experts on small business retirement plans and social security.
  • We offer financial life planning for small business owners.
  • We are experts in business owner exit planning.
  • We guide business owners through financing options.

Our Clients:

We work with small business owners in these sectors (and others) to help them become more profitable:

  • Maritime industries: specialized boat building, fisheries, marine technologies, surveying
  • Artisan manufacturing: farm, food, fashion
  • Health care: physicians, chiropractors, etc.
  • High-tech manufacturing
  • Restaurants, hospitality and food services
  • Engineering, construction, architecture, real estate and peripheral industries
  • Web-based industries and consulting services, publishing
  • Small to medium sized retail and grocery


We serve small businesses and their owners in Jefferson County
and throughout Washington State